Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten Abilities

Intelligent-I am intelligent so it could get me farther in life, also by making good decisions.
Kindness-I am a kind person which helps me be nice to others
Caring- I am a caring person which helps me be understanding and help others
Personable-I get along well with others
Sense of humor-I can have fun and make others happy
Athletic- It helps me stay in shape and be healthy
Good Advice Giver- People come to me when they need help
Goofy- I can cheer people up when they are down
Confident-I am confident in myself to help me be sure of myself
Witty- I can use my wits to outsmart people! hehe


  1. Thansk Graham...next time I need advice, I'll come to you :)

  2. Graham what do these abilities have to do with the work area though? I mean who would want to hire you with these things said. You should focus more on how they can help you get a job rather than brag about all the great things about you. But other than that naice