Monday, January 9, 2012

Why I Want a Wife

1. Does this essay have an explicitly stated thesis? If so, what is it? If you believe the thesis is implied, paraphrase it in your own words.

I think that there is no thesis from the beginning of the essay.  There is an implied thesis of the author wants a wife.

2. Throughout the essay, Brady repeats the words “I want a wife.” What is the effect of this repetition?          
The effect of the repetition is that Brady wants a wife.  The repetition of the “I want a wife” is important because Brady wants someone to help her do all the things that Brady has set to do in her life.

3. Brady never uses the personal pronouns he or she to refer to the wife she defines. Why not?
She does not use the personal pronouns he or she to refer to the wife she defines because Brady is saying that she is something is a woman should do.  And using “wife” implies something or someone instead of he or she.
4. Do you think Brady really wants the kind of wife she describes—does this ideal spouse actually exist? Explain why you think Brady wrote this essay.
I think that Brady does not want a wife she describes.  I do not think that this ideal spouse exists.  It only exists in a perfect world.  And let’s face it, our world is not perfect.  Brady wrote this essay because she needed to get the point across that this is everyone’s hopes of finding a wife that will do all of this for you, but that is not the case.
5. How does Brady define what it means to be a “wife”? How does she organize the many services a wife provides her husband and family? What do you think of Brady’s characterization of a wife and her responsibilities? How do you think she wants her readers to respond to this characterization? Why?
Brady defines being a wife as the stereotypical housewife.  That the wife has everything done on time and how the wife takes care of the family.  She organizes the many services a wife provided her husband and family by explaining how a person would want a wife to do all of the things such as take care of the kids, and take care of the appointments and to take care of his appointments and to do everything.  Brady’s characterization of a wife and her responsibilities are unrealistic.  There is not enough time in the day to have all of this accomplished.  Also we do not live in a perfect world.  A person has to learn each others flaws in order to know if they would make a good wife or not.  I think that Brady wants her readers to either agree with her or strongly disagree.  I do not think a wife would want to have the entire responsibility of everything that Brady has said in this  piece.

6. Write a letter to Brady responding to “I Want a Wife.” Let her know what you admire or don’t admire about the essay and the extent to which you consider it effective and/or persuasive.
Dear Brady,
I believe that everything you have said in this essay is incorrect.  A wife should not have to do all of the things described in essay.  These are all unrealistic things for a wife to do.  This could happen if we lived in a perfect world, but sadly we do not live in a perfect world and we do not have this mentality about wives anymore.  In this economy most families need two incomes to support the family.  I do not believe that a wife with a fulltime job and to maintain everything that you have wanted the wife to do.  Someone has a lot of nerve to ask a mother of two, a fulltime worker to take care of everything for the household.  There are some things that are realistic in this essay.  The part of the wife making the arrangements for the babysitter and making appointments, yes that is something that a wife could still do.  But doing the laundry for four people and not having any help doing it, or making dinner and keeping the house clean?  That can take more than one person to do.  If you would have said “I want a wife who would help with these things… etc.” I would have agreed.  But I do not agree.   A wife should not have to do everything in the household. 
I believe that this essay is effective because it shows how much our society has changed.  Also, it puts into perspective of other people of why we have these stereotypical assumptions of wives.  I do think that wives have some stereotypical things about them, like they should cook and clean, but they should not have to do it by themselves with no help. 
Graham Nadler
7. Write your own piece entitled “I Want a/an X.” You can use Brady’s essay as a model, and in the process, imitate some of her stylistic techniques. Or, alternatively, write an essay about the role of a “wife” in the early twenty-first century, explaining how a wife’s responsibilities complement and are complemented by those of a spouse.

The role of a wife in the twenty-first century is very different that it was 100 years ago.  A wife might now have a full time job and still continue to take care of the family; but now a days it might be very weird to have a stay at home wife.  There might even be a case where the wife is the “bread winner” of the family while the husband is the caretaker of the children.  Also a difference from 100 years ago the wife was expected to do everything in the house.  In my household the wife and the husband share parts.  Just the other day my mother had to work late.  My father and I made dinner instead of her coming home to start dinner at a late hour.  Also, another thing that stands out to me that has changed is a wife and a husband share equal responsibilities.  If a child gets sick sometimes the husband will stay home from his full time job while the wife will go to work her full time job.  A husband might do all the cleaning in the house or atleast help the wife do the cleaning.  A husband will help with the laundry and also help fold the clothes that come out of the dryer.  The husband might run an errand for the wife while she is doing something else.  My father does almost all of these things for my mother to help her out.  The difference from 100 years ago to now, is that the wife has someone to help the wife do the things that the wife does every single day.  The wife has help making the dinner and preparing for the day.  The wife now has help with the bills that need to be paid.  The wife now has help with the laundry, the soccer practice drop offs and pick ups, the cleaning of the house.  Things have changed drastically since the idea of a wife is not what it used to be.  What Brady had said in her essay are unrealistic things for a wife to do now a days and I do not know one wife that does all of those things. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Break boiii

This winter break was g money certified.  For those of you who do not know what it is to be g money (Sarah Smiley) being G$ certified is something you can aqcuire by doing an action that is approved by G money aka Graham Nadler aka me.  Some people such as brian tsen, jeremy snickelfritz, jolly saint nick sharick, stephanie copperdick, peter vac the 4th and kenzie how how are born G money certified.  If you do not understand what g money certified means your name must be sarah smiley or you have not yet done your deed to be certified.  There are many imitations especially @jmoneycertified is a complete copy cat and is a groupie.  But imitation is the greatest form of flattery so take the good with the bad.  @jmoneycertified is currently being sued by G money and his team of lawyers. Current oppurtunities are available to become g money certified with questions or concerns you can reach my secretary Eric Churden or contact your local gmoney center to become certified.  Sarah smiley is begging me to write that she is my minion so i must say it. deuces

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving chillin

This Thanksgiving was just like any other. Good food, football and good people.  The Nintendo 64 games were getting quite heated. We destroyed the basement with our war cries.  My hipster cousins, who pride themselves on their veganism were dressed as alternative as ever. Kellys black military boots were a little outside of her personality. However even her stomping boots couldn't help her now.. i was sucking up all the coins and stars in mario party and things were getting out of hand.  It began to be too much for my cousin scott to handle and he started to physically attack me as he does every year. He came at me shoulder first and as usual I drop him like Lil Wayne dropped the world and then we went upstairs and feasted on some mashed potatoes, turkey, and many other quality thanksgiving food items.  That night we left Miami (Ms yorks happy place) to head home, for I had a hockey tournament to win. After the weekend was over TDub hockey was 4 and 0 and we had won the tournament and a big @$$ trophy that i hand delivered to Mr. Girard personally this morning.  I tweeted hard about it. It was overall a good thanksgiving break.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Yo man so today or whatever i was chillin in my millons i mean millions when all of a sudden the lights turned off.  Something had to be done because i couldtn count my stacks in the dark.  Then a crazt thought popped in my head.. I rang up a friend Sarah Smiles she was da ice masta and showed me how my icy watch could reflect light to light up a room, and then i didnt need no dang light switch. then i got my grey whip back and made a couple billy. no big deal.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It was the first halloween I passed out candy instead of trick or treating.  For once I wasnt in a creative childish mood in which i normally am.  I had no desire to dress up for halloween or write a funny story about peter, sarah, or that huge nick kid.  I was down in the dumps, nothing could bring me back up.. even on halloween.  Until the first trick or treaters showed up, while i was wiping my tears on my abundance of hundred dollar bills i saw the sheer beauty and magic of halloween.  For one night of the year it didnt matter who you were or what mood you were in you could be someone you werent.. I raced to the nearest halloween store and picked out the first Brian Tsen costume i found. It was rather expensive because Brian Tsen was known for getting all the ladies he was what some might classify as a womanizer.  I considered getting the super mario deluxe costume peter vac edition but that was way too expensive and i figured i would be just fine getting all the ladies as Brian Tsen.  I drove back to my house in the get tooooow and called up my friend big rig.  He had invited me to go trick or treating but i declined and i was wondering if it was too late.  He told me that i was always welcome to trick his treat and we had a wonderful evening frolicking around the get tooooww collecting candy almost as fast as we $tack bread. I felt better the next day so i attempted my dream of getting a record deal murdered some instrumentals blew the music worlds mind and made billions. It was a pretty average day but i was glad i finally pressed up on the mood elevator. Halloween helped my mental health.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Crack went the leg of the chair as it hit the wall. I had never seen sarah act like this.  I had seen her get physically violent before but never like this.. She was out of control, i feared for my life and the life of her son peter vacarella jr. the 4th.  Peter and Sarah had gotten married 2 years prior I attended the wedding and knew this marriage wasn't going to last.  Peter wanted a divorce and Sarah lost it.. Peter was the type to have numerious lovers at a time. I knew he wouldn't stick with one woman for long.  In Peters defense it was sarah's temper problem that had their marriage on a downhill skid.  Peter and I work in the same field... we both slay beats for a living.  We stack bread but thats besides the point, peter always had an entourage of women that surrounded him i was in the same boat.  We lived the life of a-list celebrities and sarah just couldnt handle life under the scope.  Peter would show up to the studio with black eyes all the time claiming he fell down the stairs.. again.. All in all i think this breakup is healthy..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Martin Luther Ma Main Mane

Dr. King states many facts of how racial injustices are wrong, he names countless examples and points of view of a victim of racial injustice.  Bull Connar and people of that sort "segregationalists" present the view segregation as the right thing, they want to protect the status quo. After reading Letter from Birmingham jail it is hard to disagree with Martin Luther King Jr. segregation is wrong.  He names the example of how a little black girl cannot go to fun town because she is black and that is wrong. Putting someone down for something as stupid as race is morally wrong to me.