Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving chillin

This Thanksgiving was just like any other. Good food, football and good people.  The Nintendo 64 games were getting quite heated. We destroyed the basement with our war cries.  My hipster cousins, who pride themselves on their veganism were dressed as alternative as ever. Kellys black military boots were a little outside of her personality. However even her stomping boots couldn't help her now.. i was sucking up all the coins and stars in mario party and things were getting out of hand.  It began to be too much for my cousin scott to handle and he started to physically attack me as he does every year. He came at me shoulder first and as usual I drop him like Lil Wayne dropped the world and then we went upstairs and feasted on some mashed potatoes, turkey, and many other quality thanksgiving food items.  That night we left Miami (Ms yorks happy place) to head home, for I had a hockey tournament to win. After the weekend was over TDub hockey was 4 and 0 and we had won the tournament and a big @$$ trophy that i hand delivered to Mr. Girard personally this morning.  I tweeted hard about it. It was overall a good thanksgiving break.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Yo man so today or whatever i was chillin in my millons i mean millions when all of a sudden the lights turned off.  Something had to be done because i couldtn count my stacks in the dark.  Then a crazt thought popped in my head.. I rang up a friend Sarah Smiles she was da ice masta and showed me how my icy watch could reflect light to light up a room, and then i didnt need no dang light switch. then i got my grey whip back and made a couple billy. no big deal.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It was the first halloween I passed out candy instead of trick or treating.  For once I wasnt in a creative childish mood in which i normally am.  I had no desire to dress up for halloween or write a funny story about peter, sarah, or that huge nick kid.  I was down in the dumps, nothing could bring me back up.. even on halloween.  Until the first trick or treaters showed up, while i was wiping my tears on my abundance of hundred dollar bills i saw the sheer beauty and magic of halloween.  For one night of the year it didnt matter who you were or what mood you were in you could be someone you werent.. I raced to the nearest halloween store and picked out the first Brian Tsen costume i found. It was rather expensive because Brian Tsen was known for getting all the ladies he was what some might classify as a womanizer.  I considered getting the super mario deluxe costume peter vac edition but that was way too expensive and i figured i would be just fine getting all the ladies as Brian Tsen.  I drove back to my house in the get tooooow and called up my friend big rig.  He had invited me to go trick or treating but i declined and i was wondering if it was too late.  He told me that i was always welcome to trick his treat and we had a wonderful evening frolicking around the get tooooww collecting candy almost as fast as we $tack bread. I felt better the next day so i attempted my dream of getting a record deal murdered some instrumentals blew the music worlds mind and made billions. It was a pretty average day but i was glad i finally pressed up on the mood elevator. Halloween helped my mental health.