Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving chillin

This Thanksgiving was just like any other. Good food, football and good people.  The Nintendo 64 games were getting quite heated. We destroyed the basement with our war cries.  My hipster cousins, who pride themselves on their veganism were dressed as alternative as ever. Kellys black military boots were a little outside of her personality. However even her stomping boots couldn't help her now.. i was sucking up all the coins and stars in mario party and things were getting out of hand.  It began to be too much for my cousin scott to handle and he started to physically attack me as he does every year. He came at me shoulder first and as usual I drop him like Lil Wayne dropped the world and then we went upstairs and feasted on some mashed potatoes, turkey, and many other quality thanksgiving food items.  That night we left Miami (Ms yorks happy place) to head home, for I had a hockey tournament to win. After the weekend was over TDub hockey was 4 and 0 and we had won the tournament and a big @$$ trophy that i hand delivered to Mr. Girard personally this morning.  I tweeted hard about it. It was overall a good thanksgiving break.

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