Friday, October 21, 2011


Crack went the leg of the chair as it hit the wall. I had never seen sarah act like this.  I had seen her get physically violent before but never like this.. She was out of control, i feared for my life and the life of her son peter vacarella jr. the 4th.  Peter and Sarah had gotten married 2 years prior I attended the wedding and knew this marriage wasn't going to last.  Peter wanted a divorce and Sarah lost it.. Peter was the type to have numerious lovers at a time. I knew he wouldn't stick with one woman for long.  In Peters defense it was sarah's temper problem that had their marriage on a downhill skid.  Peter and I work in the same field... we both slay beats for a living.  We stack bread but thats besides the point, peter always had an entourage of women that surrounded him i was in the same boat.  We lived the life of a-list celebrities and sarah just couldnt handle life under the scope.  Peter would show up to the studio with black eyes all the time claiming he fell down the stairs.. again.. All in all i think this breakup is healthy..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Martin Luther Ma Main Mane

Dr. King states many facts of how racial injustices are wrong, he names countless examples and points of view of a victim of racial injustice.  Bull Connar and people of that sort "segregationalists" present the view segregation as the right thing, they want to protect the status quo. After reading Letter from Birmingham jail it is hard to disagree with Martin Luther King Jr. segregation is wrong.  He names the example of how a little black girl cannot go to fun town because she is black and that is wrong. Putting someone down for something as stupid as race is morally wrong to me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peruasive Thanggggg

1. Peoples first reaction when I tell them I work at chipotle is "your not mexican" well ill have you know Im white and I do indeed work at chipotle. People tend to think that I can't even wrap burritos because Im white but i rap burritos like its my job oh wait it is my job.