Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Unicorns eat rocks. They are the only creature on earth that eat pure rocks.  Their magical powers and the process of evolution have given them this ability. One day I was taking my usual walk around Mt. Vesuveus and I spotted one of the finest specimens of unicorns I have ever seen. Her name, Smarah Smile, repulsed me but the sheer beauty of this creature stopped me in my tracks.  She had harvested a fall feast of all kinds of rocks, flint rock, limestone, granite, and an appetizer of gravel. She seemed so happy to have her fall feast, but i was getting hungry and I needed some Unicorn meat to last me through the winter to feed my family.  I took out my bow and sent an arrow through the majestic beast.  My family thrived that winter feeding on the luscious meat of Unicorn.  We used every piece, putting none to waste.  Using the hair for wigs, the teeth for jewelry and the horn for weaponry.  I am thankful i found this Unicorn named Smarah and I give thanks to her for helping me feed my family. This made me realize the importance of life.

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